Zucchini and provola cheese bites

After-holidays “detox diet” outdated? I would say yes. It’s hard enough without Christmas lights, gifts and decorations, so we don’t need another sacrifice with a self-inflict strict diet … Do you agree? I’m sure you do! it’s time to feel better with a very fast and delicious recipe: zucchini and provola fried bites!   MAKES […]

Marzapan heart tart

A crumbly pastry and a tender almond heart that literally melts in your mouth: this is a winning combination! In the morning it gives you the right charge to start the day, and in the afternoon is an irresistible snack… it’s the right time to cook!   SERVES 6 PEOPLE READY IN 1h 15’   […]

Choco and pears no-butter cake (delicious!)

Approved by Francy’s fit-family-team (so she said!) A dark chocolate filling, a soft and spongy cake even without butter and delicious fresh fruit. In hindsight, it would actually seem like a dessert for health-conscious people, but believe me if I tell you that it is definitely greedy! Ready to do penance if you try it […]

Roasted Brussels sprouts with bacon and almonds

In Italy we call them “cavolini “ or “cavoletti”, but the result is the same! Today we’re having these goodnesses rich in vitamin C and beta-carotene. Celebration time is over… , so let’s start the season with healthy and genuine products!   SERVES 4 PEOPLE READY IN 15′   INGREDIENTS: 7 oz Brussels sprouts Water […]

Stewed octopus (“alla luciana”)

Anyone who knows me knows that I really L-O-V-E stewed preparations, especially those with fish: so juicy and succulent, ideal for “scarpetta”! The best way to cook octopus, a very tender and even unexpectedly lean fish, is stew with tomato, olives and capers.     Ode to Naples and its food! The so-called “luciana-style octopus” doesn’t refer […]