Baby octopus tomato stew

Baby octopus stew recalls me summer holidays! It’s a delicious fish soup recipe, typical of South Italy where tomato and fish are excellent products.   SERVES 2 PEOPLE READY IN 50′   INGREDIENTS 4-5 musky octopus, clean   2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil 1 teaspoon onion, chopped 2 cups mashed tomatoes 1 small piece […]

Small parmigiana focaccia I STEPbySTEP

Quick and smart, it’s an easy idea for a delicious appetizer or a pic-nic. Here is a new way to eat the traditional Parmigiana!   MAKES 9 BITES READY IN 25′   INGREDIENTS 1 eggplant salt to taste 1 focaccia sheet (I used Stuffer one)   2 tomatoes, sliced cheese to taste 4- 5 basil […]

Bagoss cheese pasta

Let’s cook something typical of Lombardy! A tasty pasta with meat and Bagoss, a very renowned cheese, have you ever tried it? SERVES 4 PEOPLE READY IN 20′   INGREDIENTS 2 sausages 4 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil 1 teaspoon onion, chopped 1/4 glass white wine, dry 1 glass tomato sauce salt to taste   […]

Real italian tomato sauce

It’s always time for the real Italian tomato sauce:  slow-cooked  and so sweet! Find out my tricks to cook this delicious grandma recipe!   MAKES 1 BOWL SAUCE READY IN 2h 20’   INGREDIENTS 3-4 extra virgin olive oil ¼  onion, chopped 1 stick celery 1 carrot   1 whole peeled tomatoes can 1 cherry […]

Light aubergine parmigiana

SERVES 2 PEOPLE READY IN 15’   INGREDIENTS 1 aubergine 1 mozzarella 1 tomato   Extra virgin olive oil to taste Salt to taste   2/3 basil leaves     STEP 1: SLICE THE INGREDIENTS Slice the aubergine, the mozzarella and the tomato.   STEP 2: GRIDDLE THE AUBERGINE Heat a griddle pan, add 1 […]