Savory cookies with Grana cheese and buckwheat flour

I love a little rustic flavors and you?     Before falling in love with Christmas cookies (I already know that I will have a lot of trouble getting out ) I’d like something savory! So: here are the savory biscuits ideal as a snack or to soak in vegetable creams. Simple simple and so good. […]

Buckwheat soft cake (with raspberry jam)

Oh no, buckwheat flour is not only used for pizzoccheri or polenta taragna, but also for desserts! Buckwheat cake stuffed with jam is a real classic of Trentino Alto Adige pastry and I must say that it conquered my palate too! For those unfamiliar with it, tasting it for the first time, it may vaguely […]

Buckwheat donut with strawberry and currant jam

Today  I’m suggesting you something different. If it is true that traditional chocolate cake  is always welcome, it’s equally true that sometimes trying a different taste can give unexpected satisfaction. And so it was for this rustic donut, which has the taste of childhood memories. Thanks to the aroma of buckwheat  combined with a slightly […]