Tangerine and rum fritters

These fritters (called “castagnole” because of their color) are a traditional carnival recipe. Let’s add a new taste thanks to tangerine juice and rum to make them even more delicious! MAKES ABOUT 40 BITES READY IN 45’   INGREDIENTS 4 oz Ricotta cheese 2 tablespoons sugar ½ egg 3 tangerines (juice + zest) 1 tablespoon […]

Carnival time!

It’s the funniest celebration of the year, rich in color, flavour and laugh! Parades, masks and parties are the ingredients of the fun! Read below and find out the typical Italian recipes of this period:   TRADITIONAL SWEETS   ->> LET’S CELEBRATE CARNIVAL WITH CROSTOLI! Crostoli, chiacchiere, frappe, bugie.. these are the different names of […]