Chicory dumplings with cheese fondue

Have you ever tried “canederli”? It’s an Italian gluttony, similar to dumplings, very popular in Northern Italy. The ones I prefer are those with radicchio (=chicory) because of their irresistible flavour. You can cook canederli in broth, but here I propose you a cheese fondue, ideal for a special lunch. Ready? SERVES AB. 16 DUMPLINGS […]

Polenta “macafana” (cheese and chicory cornmeal mush)

Its history belongs to a very little village called Cimego, a  fabulous place where blacksmiths, heretics and withces lived a very long time ago. Cornflour, cheese, butter and chicory are the main ingredients of this traditional potion… oops! I mean recipe! Let’s prepare it! SERVES 5 PEOPLE READY IN 50′   INGREDIENTS 2 US quart […]