Chocolate hot pockets

A classical snack that mums used to give their children… in my homemade version 😉 let’s bake chocolate hot pockets!   MAKES 6-8 HOT POCKETS READY IN 7h (or more, depending on resting time)     INGREDIENTS: 12 oz all –purpose flour ½ oz yeast dissolved into ½ glass lukewarm milk 3 oz sugar 1 […]

Cream and chocolate cake

Do you already have the right idea for the next birthday cake?     If you’re looking at your feet to the ground scratching your head with your finger, don’t worry: I’ll take care of it! Today I will unpack a delicious cake for you: ​​cream and chocolate one! Soft and with a double, delicious filling! […]

Choco and orange gingerbread pie (advent calendar pie)

Is there something that has the power to make you happy just hearing about it? A kind of passpartù that can change the day? I got it! It’s Christmastime (I know I’m not original at all but this is the truth!)     I confess, however, my huge contradiction: I love bright lights, xmas trees, glitter […]

Coconut & chocolate chip no-bake cake

Come on, today the oven remains strictly off!     And this is certainly not the only advantage of this amazing cake that will win your heart bite after bite: tasty like the cheesecake but this is prepared without eggs!     Coconut and chocolate enrich a very creamy and fresh filling, ideal for a summer snack […]

Choco-hazelnut parfait

Honestly, I definitely prefer hot weather than cold, but I must admit that when summer comes, there is something that I regret: the intensely chocolaty desserts. Today, however, I’m making you a great revelation: I found a way to enjoy the Lindor-style cuddle even under the scorching sun!! In Italy its name is “Bavarian” with […]

White chocolate and wild berries tart

Fortunately, I’ve found the time to make the cake to celebrate my baby’s 2nd month, incredible! … Well, I’ve learnt it’s good to be optimistic (especially when friends give you a baby wrap that guarantees 10 minutes of “hands free” so coveted by new mothers like me).     Although it is a delicious tart filled […]