Spinach and Ricotta stuffed pasta

The first time I prepared it, it was in honor of Claudia and Luca, who came and visit in the new house together with the family.  We have always been friends and, although there aren’t many opportunities, every time we meet it seems that time has stopped: we are always the same classmates.  For them […]

Spinach and Ricotta cheese ravioli (stuffed pasta)

I know it takes a little time to be preparred, but if you try it once I’m sure you’ll never buy packaged ravioli anymore! So delicious, even children love it because of the delicate taste. Another advantage? You can make Ravioli when you’re up to and then freeze to have ready to cook ravioli when […]

Tangerine and rum fritters

These fritters (called “castagnole” because of their color) are a traditional carnival recipe. Let’s add a new taste thanks to tangerine juice and rum to make them even more delicious! MAKES ABOUT 40 BITES READY IN 45’   INGREDIENTS 4 oz Ricotta cheese 2 tablespoons sugar ½ egg 3 tangerines (juice + zest) 1 tablespoon […]