Red cabbage puff pastry roll (delicious!)

Allied of many, many dinners (and even lunch!), puff pastry will resolve the situation, once again! No matter what is left into fridge, puff pastry can transform even the most feared ingredients, into a real gourmand recipe. Don’t you believe it? well try this roll: ricotta and red cabbage, never so good!   SERVES 4 […]

Zucchini crust trout STEPbySTEP

 Puff pastry is one of my favorite ingredients. I made everything with it! Today I’m preparing something new using it and fish: a zucchini and puff pastry crust trout.  Very easy to make and delicious!   SERVES 2 PEOPLE READY IN 20’   INGREDIENTS 2 trout filets 2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil Salt  to […]

Asparagus with bread crust

It’s ideal for Easter lunch, but actually I propose it ’cause I really love asparagus!! This version is delicious because of the perfect match of Fontal Cavalese cheese (a kind of Fontina cheese) and ham… My mouth’s watering just talking about it!   MAKES 10-12 BITES READY IN 25′   INGREDIENTS 10-12 asparagus water and coarse […]

Puff pastry snail – VIDEORECIPE

Christmas is over but I still feel like cooking!  Before going on a diet let’s have the “last” guilty little pleasure…  a tasty strarter but also a  good-luck charm made of cheese, tuna and cherry tomatoes! –> To the bottom for the VIDEO <–   SERVES 4-6 PEOPLE READY IN 25′   INGREDIENTS Olive mousse  […]

Puff pastry flower – VIDEORECIPE

A quick and tasty recipe to prepare a yummy puff pastry flower with salmon mousse and broccoli! an appetizer idea or a delicious centerpiece for Christmas time too! –> To the bottom for the VIDEO! <– MAKES 1 FLOWER READY IN 30′   INGREDIENTS 1 puff pastry sheet  (I used the biggest one of Stuffer)   Salmon mousse (I […]