Basil and ricotta stuffed cannelloni

A real taste explosion: cannelloni with pesto sauce (that is a typical Italian basil sauce) and ricotta cheese are a delicious version of a classic of Italian cuisine, ideal for those who don’t like meat or for those who want to try something different from the traditional “ricotta and spinach”. This delicious filling, soft and […]

Red cabbage dumplings “canederli” (or purple cabbage??)

Whether served broth or dry, dumplings are a complete and nutritious main course.  So many ways to make them: with vegetables, meat or cheese… and the result is always an extraordinary recipe, rich in taste. After the delicious experience with radicchio, I’ve tried a new version with red cabbage (or purple cabbage? I never know […]

Beetroot spätzle

Color power! Spätzle are dumplings ready in just a few minutes that can really be prepared with many, many different ingredients. This is the turn of the beetroot which, in addition to giving a pleasant slightly sweet note, transforms this first course into a triumph of color: particularly suitable for celebrating Women’s Day !  Do […]