Chicken and spinach lasagna

Very creamy: this is the word that in my opinion explains the taste of this particular lasagna. Roasted chicken with vegetables releases an irresistible taste ideal if combined with the delicacy of the béchamel and the spinach freshness. In short, if you are planning a lunch with guests, the right opportunity has come to try […]

Spinach and Ricotta stuffed pasta

The first time I prepared it, it was in honor of Claudia and Luca, who came and visit in the new house together with the family.  We have always been friends and, although there aren’t many opportunities, every time we meet it seems that time has stopped: we are always the same classmates.  For them […]

Spinach meatloaf

The green spiral? Sure, you can do it by yourself at home! It’s easy, tasty and healthy! If you cook homemade food you take care of your health because you really know what you eat!  This meatloaf is delicious and very practical: you can cook it in advance and reheat at dinner time!   SERVES […]

Sausage and spinach flower

If you’re looking for the “wow” effect, but you don’t have time for traditional recipes, this soft table center idea is just right for you!  Whether you are a guest or a landlord during Christmastimeit doesn’t matter, you’ll make a great impression with this 30min gluttony!   SERVES 7 PEOPLE READY IN 30′   INGREDIENTS […]

Bacon and spinach savory plumcake

A smart idea to take a good and healthy lunch to work. You don’t need trendy lunchboxes or hyper-technological food warmers, but just a plastic bag to contain this soft delicacy. A complete meal where spinach and bacon are mixed to carbohydrate gratification: , today we’re having  the savory plumcake!   MAKES 1 PLUMCAKE READY […]

Spinach dumplings from Trentino

Classic with speck, stuffed with cheese, or even with beetroot: there’re so many type of canederli (that is Italian dumplings)! Today we’re having  the green ones, prepared with tasty spinach that both kinds and adult love. –> With this recipe I take part in the cooking contest  #ViaggioInItalia DeRica, click and vote for me! <– […]