Artichoke and potato lasagna (incredible!)

Sunday lunch is approaching and fortunately there are so many ideasy to make the family happy! Today I’m suggesting you an original lasagna: the classic Bolognese sauce (the so called “ragù”) is replaced by a tasty artichoke sauce!  Tender slices of potatoes combined with a velvety béchamel sauce offer an incredible creaminess! Must try 😉 […]

Spinach meatloaf

The green spiral? Sure, you can do it by yourself at home! It’s easy, tasty and healthy! If you cook homemade food you take care of your health because you really know what you eat!  This meatloaf is delicious and very practical: you can cook it in advance and reheat at dinner time!   SERVES […]

Veg and meat phyllo rolls

Crunchy and  crumbly outside, yummy and nourishing inside thanks to a top filling made of meat, vegetables and cheese!  I really prefer theese delicious bites than chinese ones! You can both fry or bake them and the result is the same:  such a good food!   SERVES 5 PEOPLE READY IN 50′   INGREDIENTS 2 […]