Mozzarella & anchovy stuffed zucchini flowers (best batter ever!)

Get ready to fall in love with it! Battered flowers will blow your mind at the first crunch and will give you the final blow while sinking the bite into the sumptuous, stringy filling. No, this is not a love poem, but one of the most classic Italian recipes: that of deep-fried courgette flowers. On […]

Fried anchovies

My favorite fish! So tasty and easy to prepare, if you start eating fried anchovies you cant stop! SERVES 4 PEOPLE READY IN 20’   INGREDIENTS 40-50 fresh anchovies All-purpose flour to taste Frying oil Salt     STEP 1: CLEAN THE ANCHOVIES Gut the fish, remove the head and wash carefully, then dry them […]

Potato stuffed anchovies

I confess, I really don’t like anchovies in salt even if they’re a typical dish of the Italian cuisine! So please give me a chance to  make up for this with a delicious recipe made of fresh anchovies with potato and marjoram.. ready?   SERVES 5 PEOPLE READY IN 25’   INGREDIENTS About 40 fresh […]