Stewed octopus (“alla luciana”)

Anyone who knows me knows that I really L-O-V-E stewed preparations, especially those with fish: so juicy and succulent, ideal for “scarpetta”! The best way to cook octopus, a very tender and even unexpectedly lean fish, is stew with tomato, olives and capers.     Ode to Naples and its food! The so-called “luciana-style octopus” doesn’t refer […]

Baby octopus tomato stew

Baby octopus stew recalls me summer holidays! It’s a delicious fish soup recipe, typical of South Italy where tomato and fish are excellent products.   SERVES 2 PEOPLE READY IN 50′   INGREDIENTS 4-5 musky octopus, clean   2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil 1 teaspoon onion, chopped 2 cups mashed tomatoes 1 small piece […]