Savory fresh cheese cream tart

Savory pie lovers (like me) take a look at me!!

Today I’m going to tell you how to make a (salty) recipe very scenic, but absolutely easy to prepare!

It is a so-called “cream tart”, which is a cake made up of two thin layers of dough, stuffed with plenty of filling.

This fast version is a savory one and made with a ready-to-use puff pastry dough together with two fresh cheese-based creams.

There are many shapes that can be given to the cake, of course I could only choose the letter “G”! but depending on the name of the birthday boy or girl, you can choose the initial of his/her name, or prefer the more classic heart or circular shapes and so on …

So: a few ingredients, a few steps for a delicious, fresh and beautiful recipe, so it’s a shame not to try it!


SERVES 6-8 people




2 rectangular puff pastry sheets (I used Stuffer)

water to taste


1 egg yolk

1 tablespoon cold water

1 pinch salt


2 trays of spreadable cheese

3 tablespoons of dried tomatoes in oil

1 teaspoon of oregano

Salt to taste.


2 cups spreadable fresh cheese

1 tablespoon parsley

6-7 slices ham

3 tablespoons Parmigiano

Salt to taste


4-5 radishes

mixed salad

dried tomatoes to taste

5-6 cherry tomatoes




First choose the shape you want to give your cake, then print your favorite shape on a sheet (here you can find a nice selection of letters).

Trace the printed template onto a sheet of parchment paper using a pencil.

Now place the sheet of parchment paper on the unrolled pastry and trace the outline of the shape using a knife or the pencil without piercing the sheet. At this stage you don’t already have to cut out the dough, but just stamp the letter design on the sheet so that, by removing the parchment paper, it will be easier to engrave the dough with a knife.

I chose a rather large letter format (I printed the shape of the letter “G” in A3 format) and I used the excess pieces of dough to complete the top of my letter “G”. To make them adhere, I lightly brushed the dough with water and then placed the cutout on top, applying a little pressure with my fingers, but without exaggerating so as not to lose its shape!).

Do the same thing with the second puff pastry roll as well so that you get two identical “G”.




Prick the surface of the sheets with a fork, then brush with the mix of yolk, water and salt.

Bake the sheets at 220 ° C for about 10-12 minutes (or in any case until golden).Attention: if during cooking you notice that the height of the pastry is not uniform, you can prick it with a fork in order to “deflate” it where it tends to exceed.




To fill my cream tart I opted for two spreadable cheese creams, let’s see how to make them:

  • mix spreadable cheese with chopped dried tomatoes, 1 teaspoon oregano and a pinch of salt

  • mix the spreadable cheese with parsley, chopped ham, Parmigiano cheese and a pinch of salt.

Transfer the creams into two pastry bags (don’t panic: you do not need a special piping tip, I have not really used one but simply pierced the tip of the pastry bag with scissors to make the cream come out).




Choose immediately the base on which you will place the savory pie so you don’t have to move it anymore; I opted for a fairly large wooden cutting board on which I put the classic sheet of cake paper.

Place the first letter and start stuffing  by squeezing tufts of cream. While doing, alternate the two types of cream.

I suggest you to start with the outer edge and then fill in the center of the letter.

Now place the second layer of dough (your second letter) on and continue in the same way.

When finished, you’ll get a cake made up of two layers of pastry surmounted by as many layers of filling.




The funniest moment has arrived: that of decoration!Prepare radishes cut into thin circular slices, mixed salad leaves, pieces of dried tomatoes and cherry tomatoes cut into wedges.Have fun arranging them on the surface of the savory pie as you like!Keep the cake in the refrigerator until ready to serve and then enjoy it with friends!

#getBready & enjoy your meal

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