Choco and pears no-butter cake (delicious!)

Approved by Francy’s fit-family-team (so she said!) A dark chocolate filling, a soft and spongy cake even without butter and delicious fresh fruit. In hindsight, it would actually seem like a dessert for health-conscious people, but believe me if I tell you that it is definitely greedy! Ready to do penance if you try it […]

Chocolate and pear cake

A real classic in Italian bakeries! Everyone in Italy prepares this gluttony at home, this is my version!   SERVES 6 PEOPLE READY IN 1h   INGREDIENTS 2 pears   7 oz dark chocolate 3,5 oz butter   2 eggs 4 oz sugar 7 oz all-pupose flour + 1 teaspoon baking powder 2 tablespoons potato starch […]