Meat sandwich I STEPbySTEP

Like butcher’s ones! Everyone falls in love with homemade meat sandwich, especially kids! The same ingredients of  genuine homemade meatballs + a cheesy inside. It takes only 20 minutes! you should try it!    MAKES 8 SANDWICHES READY IN 20’   INGREDIENTS 1 lb ground meat (pork + beef) 1 egg 4 tablespoons Parmesan cheese […]

Country-stuffed pizza – STEPbySTEP

With this recipe I managed to convince even my mum who doesn’t like bechamel sauce so much.  It’s a  basic pizza dough filled with some of my favourite ingredients: peas, Parmesan Cheese, ground meat and bechamel sauce of course! It’s a no-knead dough very easy to prepare! I suggest you to try it! SERVES 4 […]

Stuffed rolls

Meatballs? already done! Croquettes? already done! mmm… Oh, no! I didin’t post my favourite ones: Stuffed rolls! I have to rectify that situation, immediately! Here’s my beloved meat recipe: so tender, so tasty that you can’t resist!   MAKES 12 ROLLS READY IN 1h   INGREDIENTS 1 lb ground  meat (pork + beef) 1 egg […]