Christmas bell

Are you ready to celebrate?

    Let’s get the party started with a stunning appetizer! Here’s my suggestion for Christmas lunch: a bell-shaped puff pastry, stuffed with classic Italian mixed antipasto. Ready in half an hour, served at room temperature and above all ideal for everybody because you can stuff it with anything: col cuts, cheese, vegetables in oil, tuna, seafood salad and so on…

    What are you waiting for? Following my recipe you can also find the shape of the bell ready to print!!





2 puff pastry sheets


1 egg yolk + 1 tablespoon water + salt to taste

sesame seeds to taste


mortadella with pistacho

roasted turkey

small mozzarella






Print the shape of the bell that you find HERE .Then place a sheet of parchment paper directly on the print and draw all the lines with a black marker.

Unroll the first puff pastry (keeping it on the parchment paper provided),place the sheet with the shape of the bell on it and using a knife with a rounded tip, delicately score the puff pastry following the outer edges of the design (omit the internal design of the bell which will be used in the next step!).

you will have thus perfectly transferred the drawing of the bell onto the puff pastry. You just have to cut it with the knife and remove the excess dough (at the end of the recipe I’ll tell you how to use it properly!). Prick the shape of the bell obtained with the prongs of the fork.


Now take the second sheet out of the fridge and repeat the procedure: pay attention this time you will have to engrave all the lines that are present in the drawing (including the small rectangle in the upper left corner).

Here is the second shape, that of the “empty” bell.




At this point of the recipe you will have obtained:

– no. 1 filled bell shape

– no. 1 empty bell shape

– n.1 small rectangle

Transfer the shape of the filled bell to a baking sheet lined with parchment paper and brush it with the mix of egg yolk, water and a pinch of salt.

superimpose the shape of the “empty” bell taking care to make the external edges adhere,

Brush the “neck” of the bell with the mix of yolk + water + salt and place the small rectangle of puff pastry there.

Now the bell has all its elements, so you can brush it completely and add the sesame seeds along the outer edges.




Bake the bell in a preheated oven at 220°C for about 12 minutes. While cooking, I suggest you to prick the inside of the bell to prevent it from swelling too much (it’s good that you create an outer edge higher than the center of the form).




It’s time to stuff the center of the bell! choose the ingredients you like best but be careful to use foods with different colors (so the final result will be beautiful!).I stuffed the bell with: mortadella with pistachios, roasted turkey, mozzarella, salad and walnuts!


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#getBready & enjoy your meal

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