Tuna stuffed fresh tomatoes

Oh yes: today’s recipe is a smart a delicious solution for healthy lunch! Thanks to this fresh and velvety tuna cream, no one could resist and honestly there’s no reason to do it! Com’on let’s learn how to make it in a couple of minutes 😉   MAKES 4 STUFFED TOMATOES READY IN 7-8 ‘ […]

Tuna & cheese filled pizza bites I STEPbySTEP

It’s February but because of the sunny day (or because of my never-ending hunger) I feel like something Mediterrean- flavoured… Here is the solution: tuna and cheese filled bites, very very soft and fried. Actually: one of my masterpieces!   MAKES 40 BITES READY IN 2h 33′   INGREDIENTS ¾ cup lukewarm water ½ oz […]

Puff pastry snail – VIDEORECIPE

Christmas is over but I still feel like cooking!  Before going on a diet let’s have the “last” guilty little pleasure…  a tasty strarter but also a  good-luck charm made of cheese, tuna and cherry tomatoes! –> To the bottom for the VIDEO <–   SERVES 4-6 PEOPLE READY IN 25′   INGREDIENTS Olive mousse  […]

Soft croquettes with tuna and zucchini

You know during #summertime #vegetablegarden in full of #zucchini🥒🥒🥒, but… You have no more ideas about how to cook them!!!! 😱Isn’t that true? Don’t worry: I’m coming to help you with an amazing recipe😻: fragrant #croquettes with zucchini and #tuna 🐟! Few ingredients (and I know you already have the in the pantry/fridge), to make […]