Potato pie with cheese lava

Today we’re cooking with leftover food! Let’s learn how to transform puree into something truly delicious (I’m sure that from now every time you’ll decide to make puree you will advance it on purpose!). The recipe is easy, fast and above all really delicious: a pie with an external crust, soft and above with a […]

Potato, fresh cheese and sausage pie

So easy but very very tasty: it’s my puff pastry pie with potatoes, fresh cheese and sausage! A practical idea for lunch or dinner ideal if accompanied by a fresh salad. You simply can’t say no.   SERVES 2-4 PEOPLE READY IN 20′   INGREDIENTS: 2 potatoes, large water and coarse salt to taste   […]

Veggie burger with potatoes and broccoli

If it’s so yummy you’re not on a diet! Try these tasty veggie burgers made of potatoes and broccoli!   MAKES 6 BURGERS READY IN 45′   INGREDIENTS 3 potatoes 1 broccoli water and coarse salt to taste   2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil 1 teaspoon onion, chopped   1 egg 4 tablespoons breadcrumbs […]